My apologies to my readers, for some reason I must have accidentally posted a blog from months ago that I guess never got properly posted? It will take time and patience I am just now out of to figure out where it belongs, which seems to be at the end of my chemo round early in the preparation period in Ottawa, so I will leave it for now. I also have to figure out how to move it to the proper place, as blogs are posted in order. Very strange. I don’t remember doing this… can I still use chemo brain as an excuse?


A Better Development!

I am pleased to report that I am updating you all from the comfort of my own home!

After two relatively good sleeps and a significant reduction in ear inflammation, I was starting to feel positive about things. When I saw my bloodwork from yesterday, however, I was not so much so, as the neutrophils and hemoglobin and platelets all seemed to be dropping again. Today’s counts showed another uptick. It was explained that this up/down action is normal as my immune system tries to get a grip already! The numbers are good enough that I can self administer oral antibiotics, avoid crowds, keep putting drops in my ear and get out of the hospital. There was some talk about me getting a transfusion, which sucked because it meant I would probably need a PIC line in the arm (like last time), or a portacath (in the chest). Dr T told me that this would not be necessary and in fact, since it has been seven years since my last transfusion, adding another foreign element to shock my body would be more stressful and risky than just sending me home and letting my body deal with it on its own. So the ball is really in my court, so to speak.

Our meeting with the hematologist was revelatory as the first thing she told us was that I did indeed have a match.  !!!  It seems that there was a series of miscommunications and misinformations that swirled out of control to the point of frustration for all parties, but it is finally resolved. The question I have is, if she told me this on the phone two weeks ago, why didn’t that register?  Is it still the residual effects of chemo brain? Don’t laugh, it’s real. There is also a certain percentage for whom this becomes a permanent malady. Considering how I have been scoring statistically, I say I fit into that category.

Having a match is huge, and apparently finding one as quickly as we did was a miracle. Too bad we weren’t using that time to celebrate! Part of the confusion I think was why we hadn’t heard from Ottawa’s transplant team. They only just left a message today for an appointment in early December. I also have all the paperwork I need to send to that clinic in San Diego so we’ll see if anything comes of that.  I have to try. I can also make it obvious to Ottawa’s health team that this is where  my head (chemo laden as it is) is.  Maybe I mean my gut. Hey, they’re connected. Don’t laugh, that’s real, too!

The kids will be delighted as they were to go elsewhere after school today until Pete got back from a quick business jaunt to Montreal (which had been part of our plan, using Via Rail, for which I got an unexpected complete refund!– If you’re in the neighbourhood, 50% off fares from now till mid January, excluding holiday times!). Instead we’ll clean up a bit– rather, they will, and then we’ll kick back and watch Modern Family and some movies together!

And now, to the shower…!