A Few More Things

Pete arrived today; that meant he said goodbye to the kids, which makes me sad, thinking of them going through that again. Since then I’ve been learning how to text words and images with Jess on her iPod! I am still a novice (read: e-idiot who can’t figure out where transmtitted photos taken on my iPad go) and need more time to master the Apple family. But here is one fellow who lives IT and says it saved his life. I have been following Amit Gupta since I came across his Facebook page. He is about 10 days ahead of me with his bone marrow transplant, so I am closely following his progress.  So far so good. Go, Gupta!

I realize I posted yesterday’s blog a little prematurely (waiting on those photos that never came) and neglected to proofread. I meant to add the link to the energy book I mentioned. The author has written a few of these types of books, and there are plenty out there, but something about this one drew me in. This is where I liked the idea of directing love and energy to your cells and organs.

I’ve noticed feeling a little on the edge of nausea yesterday and today. This considering I am already downing plenty of meds to avoid this. I have been provided with “extra” in case the ones I’m taking aren’t working. I am so loathe to bombard my body with anything else, but someone explained it this way: it is short term, and OK if it makes you feel better, ’cause soon you’re gonna feel pretty bad.

Today we were able to attend the monthly AA/MDS support group here on the BMT floor. At the meeting was a variety of people at various ends of the blood marrow disorder scale. It was great to meet and share with others like me, though I felt more seasoned than the first time I attended one of these at Wellspring in Toronto, several years ago.

Tomorrow is my last chemo day, so I feel progress is being made, even if my WBC are not as low as I’d expected– they seem low normal where I’ve already been for ages. My RBC transfusion certainly made a difference in energy but I am worried about my platelets, dropped now to 32. I suspect a bag of those babies is in my near future. I’ve been asked to start doing the saline washes for my mouth as brushing like normal can lead to bleeding and that leads to bacterial infection. Not much has been said about oral hygiene, other than that.  With that in mind, I hope whatever is being contained next door at CHEO stays out! I got lost today on the BMT ward during a bathroom break and found myself walking the halls past rooms and halls full of so many sick sick sick people. I realize it takes a very special person to take on this kind of career, someone extremely caring and patient. The demands on nurses and volunteers is enormous. I found out that Ottawa Hospital has an almost 1:1 ratio of volunteers to patients. It is one of the few institutions I’ve seen that matches its vision statement, and the people we’ve met so far are clearly proud of their association with it.


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