It’s been a while, and that’s because things are going well. My numbers are perfect, my liver and kidneys are happy. I need to keep drinking to avoid saline infusions. My appetite is completely back, though I still eat less than normal. I can almost hear my body say: OK, that’s enough for now! I am slowly gaining weight!

My regimen now is a weekly dressing change for the Hickman and starting now, a clinic visit every three weeks. I feel like a child whose parent is letting the leash go a little looser each day. Sunday will be my 100th day and I will be celebrating with some friends who are coming over to clean up and tend to my garden which is sadly neglected and now overrun.  I have dropped down to one potassium instead of two a day, and last visit eliminated the Pantaloc completely. In sudden confusion, I had asked what it was for. Heartburn, they say. Heartburn? I’ve never had heartburn in my life. OK then, let’s drop it. Why I’d been taking it at all is a mystery. Perhaps “at the time it seemed the logical thing to do”… Starting in two weeks I am to halve the Tacro down to half a gram a day as I start weaning off it and let my new immune system take over. This is a bit daunting, like taking away a crutch, but it wouldn’t happen if I wasn’t ready.

There has been slow progress on the pharmacy front; paperwork has been filed and signed. Time will tell what will come of it. All I know is Pete won’t give up. We’ve come to learn that simply by not acknowledging a mistake, a company avoids culpability. Head in the sand, so to speak. I know this kind of mistake happens a lot, tens of thousands of times in Canada alone, and most people get tired of pursuing it.

We made a major investment that is making a difference especially for Pete, and that is a Vitamix! This blender has been around since the late 30’s and has been very successful. We were convinced after talking to a friend of Pete’s who has used it over 30 years making his own peanut butter, ice cream and soups! It certainly is versatile. For us, its main feature is that is pulverizes fruits and veggies into smoothies, giving us unadulterated nutritional goodness. Got some fruit on the edge? Trim it and pop it in the blender. Want to perk up your garden? Blend some compost together into a juice and pour it on the soil. But I have to say, making ice cream was what tipped the scales for me!

Before I go, I wanted to show a curious feature that I share with some other chemo patients, and that I mentioned in the previous blog, and that is a delineation of the nails. It is literally a marker indicating when the chemo was administered, and the body’s reaction of shock. As they grow out, I see the progress of my healing, I can begin detoxing now so I will indulge in more greens, some far infra red treatments and specific foods.


2 thoughts on “Progressing

  1. Congrats on your 100th day this coming Sunday, my 4th anniversary in on Monday…keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Susan,
    Nice to read your thoughts. I have used my vitamix to make green smoothies with kale, grape juice, pomegranate juice, banana, pears and some cumin powder
    which is my usual breakfast. Google Viktoria Boutenko or “Green for Life”. This might be good for you.
    Hugs and love,

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