With a Little Help From My Friends

I can’t imagine someone who is ill and is looking at a long recovery who doesn’t have a support system. Such a system is created for these unfortunate few, the elderly, the homeless, the destitute, by private and public services provided by caretakers and hospital staff. I’ve seen such people, and it breaks my heart. I wonder about the circumstances that they don’t have family or friends to help support them. There are buses that shuttle patients to and fro for treatments, nurses who do home care for a few hours a day. But not everyone has family or friends to help when help is needed. For this reason I count myself to be particularly fortunate because I have the support I need coming from so many directions: friends, family and even strangers, as well as a crack medical team.

I would like to thank some of these people now for their kindness and caring:

* the Wolfe Island community and especially Kayo for organizing bi-weekly meals for our family to relieve Pete’s already heavy burden as professional consultant/PhD student/house husband

* my fabulous and stylish neighbours, even in robes on an early Saturday morning, for letting me know I can call on them for anything

* my other fabulous neighbours whose generosity seems to have no bounds– yesterday I received as a gift a longed for SPF shirt all the way from Japan!

* our musician extraordinaire who has loaned me Willie Nelson’s magical healing hat (see picture below of me soaking up Willie’s vibes)

* other friends who drop off, drop by, rescue stolen bicycles, watch the kids when we are away at an appointment

* supportive emails from people I barely, if at all, know, as well as from those we know well and are thousands of miles away

* family that are able to help us financially as Pete struggles to find work through this period

All of these things help to make my road to health easier, and family logistics smoother.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


5 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. Sus,

    here is the thing… we would like to take just a minute to thank you. anna and i follow your blog, we learn about what is happening for you, we think of you, we light our little sus candle, we hold our breath, and we remember every single day that life is beautiful and precious and that community is the scaffolding of our lives (well Anna doesn’t get that quite yet but i sure do). You are brave to weather this storm and braver still to share it with us (even outside the inner circle folks like us). Your story is of hope and love, weariness and strength and i promise you that the waves of your courage reach us everywhere — local and across oceans– and stop me in my narcissistic tracks many times a day. let the spring sun heal you more and more each day … thank you susdragon for your beauty and your courage and your strength.

  2. to keep the music analogy going… (cue cheesy lounge music) “That’s what friends are for…!” Hugs from afar.

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