Day 6

The daily routine for now:

  • get up at 7:00am and have breakfast
  • be at 5W by 8:30 for vitals and meds
  • leave before noon
  • back at the condo for lunch (basically I don’t eat 3 square meals, I just graze all day)
  • detox salt bath
  • then there’s a whole plethora of things I could be doing: drawing, going into the writing course I downloaded, doing brain exercises, reading, doing a bit of stretching and energy work, watching a show, napping… but most of the time I am on the computer, dang it! Either working on the blog or catching up on emails or researching one thing or another.
  • movie or show
  • bed (I also check my temperature 4X a day)

Meds change with blood work and symptoms, but currently they are:

The nurses made a handy dandy chart that Pete transposes onto his computer to make it easy to update. I am not experiencing any side effects that I can detect.  vlprtu##shwt7&!!?wrshd!

Today, however, was the first day my mouth and throat were sore enough to bug me, making eating a new challenge. There is a real lump  in my  throat that hurt enough I had to resort to the pain killer they sent me home with. So today I had carrot juice, some cold soup, half an avocado, a jar of Earth’s Best peas and rice and now Pete is making me a milkshake to suck down the last pills for tonight, to be washed down with a glass of water and then comes the saline rinse.

Around 7 we did what we often do when we Skype the kids, we watch either Glee or Modern Family together. They set it up on Wolfe Island and we watch it here. It’s the closest we can get every day.

Today in Ottawa it was beautifully sunny. I get little air so I can’t tell how cold it is, but I do get some from the hospital to the car. That’s it. The car is parked underground at the condo, so I could avoid outside air all day if I was excessively germophobic. From upstairs on the 9th floor, the sun floods the condo and today showcased a spectacular sunset that this photo does not give justice to. You can see the silhouette of the Parliament buildings.


6 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Glad nurse Pete is taking care of you! Thanks for sharing your experience, your photos and your insight. You are an inspiration to me.

  2. Hi S & P
    Joanie & I reached the UK today, a lovely, sunny (!) day a little north of London. Yet thinking of you frequently and soooooo glad to hear you are doing well. Sending along loads of love and sending up continuing prayers.

  3. You seem to be going through this as expected. You still have a way to go but you seem to be on track. That must be reassuring to you and Peter. Can you imagine the end yet when your new blood cells are working well?

  4. Thanks for sharing – I am very interested as my walking partner has been seeing Dr. Swayne in Peterborough for the past 7 months and he thinks she has the same diagnosis as you. She finally has an appt. in Hamilton on the 19th of March to get a diagnosis. I have shared your blog with her but she is not yet ready to read it. Thanks for being so inspiring. Sending you lots of light – Jean Lonergan (Sean’s mother)

  5. Hi Sus, Been gone for a wee while. Returning on Sunday night and reading your last entry brought a smile to my face. Glad things are progressing. And I can see the wheels are turning…so many things to do and not enough hours in a day!
    Hiked 4 days in the mountains to meet with the Baduy people. I’ve been before so it was so cool to meet the same guys again. Fantastic scenery and a real uplift to be totally immersed in nature. There are no modern conveniences whatsoever, so it has it’s ups and downs..but most up. Is there a way to add a few photos?
    Take care and keep doing what you’re doing. Love Bernie

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