Day 4

When one gets a BMT, days count forward from there, making transplant day 0. So today begins Day 4. I am still in the hospital and anxious to get out because I am feeling so much better and my legs are beginning to atrophy! The drug regimen has been changing almost daily based on bloodwork that is taken, so every little thing is being monitored closely. The nausea has finally abated, thanks to drugs. There’s really no reason for full body misery that’s keeping you from eating that is keeping you from gaining strength and ultimately an opportunity to get out of here!  The last day or so my appetite returned and I was eating more, all the while thanking the Zofram, but it turns out they had discontinued it midway and I didn’t know! So my appetite returned all on its own. Yay, appetite! I have been fantasizing about food constantly, so this babystep is huge for me.

I also discovered the pshychoworld in the Land of Nod. One of the drugs I was on is attributed to vivid dreams, to which I am no stranger (the dreams of course, not drugs– I believe that sentence was syntactically correct, just clarifying…). But these ones are doozies, and the one I had last night was an interactive movie/play that had a real beginning, middle, end, flow, plot, bright colors, cool characters, music, suspense, adventure, humor…when it finished I woke immediately and the words that came to my mind were: that was a gem! I tried to hold onto it as much as possible but I was so tired I went back to sleep and only now can remember spurts of it. Someday someone will, if they haven’t already, create a device that can record dreams. This would have made a great movie!

I think I finally solved the iCloud problem that was preventing me from synching photos.

No, I didn’t. So I’m doing it the old fashioned way. This is an old picture, before the Atgam.  Still can’t access my iPad photos! And the spacing and sizing sucks. Will work on this…

In the meantime, an idea came to me during my mental acrobatics last night. The Dragon features prominently this year. Some writers have sent me dragon images with explanations why they were drawn to them and why they thought they’d be good for me. So your assignment, if you choose to take it, is to find me a dragon image and tell me why you think it would be good!. Eventually I plan to make a kind of scrapbook to print later.  Here are some delightful examples.

Happy hunting!                                                                                                                                             


7 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. You are such a talented writer!! I am thankful that you are moving through this, and in awe of this power called blogging that let’s us connect with you. Bravo!!!

  2. I think you should turn your blog into a book especially for folks going through a similar process. Something for you to consider when you are all better.

  3. Been trying to call you but no luck. Can’t wait til I can hear your voice. Send me a quick one liner to let me know when you are out. Love ya, E

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