A Couple of Bumps and Something Great

Hi all. Thanks for all the support and comments. I may not have time or energy to get to you all, hence the blog. Pete and I are setting up some mass email contacts for later.

Just a bit of an update. Yesterday was my first day of ATG, which is administered as a precaution against the donor cells. I may have mentioned before my nervousness about this because of the anaphylactic reaction I had with the horse version 7 years ago. With this knowledge my team has set up a very slow (days long) drip of the rabbit ATG, along with Benadryl and IV antibibiotics. Nevertheless, around 4 in the afternoon I came down with a fever and there was some scrambling to bring it down, which it did, slowly, and it meant overnighting here in the hospital. Pete considered staying the night but he decided a good sleep was better. Yet this morning he was quite upset because his cough was not getting better and he really wanted to be healthy and here for me. I discussed it with the crew today and it looks like he will be OK to deliver food and come by to pick me up later, and he’s hoping for a spot script for whatever he has. It was kind of emotional, not in a good way.

The good way came when the head nurse handed me a short note from my DONOR! It is a simple paragraph, describing how he’d been donating blood since he was 18, and when the Canadian registry came into being, he submitted samples for that too. He’d had one hit but not a match, until before Christmas when he got wind of my need and it turned out to be a perfect match! He discussed it with his family and decided to become my donor!! Of course it is all confidential, but the fact that this fellow has reached out means he is possibly open to a dialogue at some point– I believe it is a year. The nurse and I were both in tears– she said she’s been doing this 20 years and it never stops being emotional.


10 thoughts on “A Couple of Bumps and Something Great

  1. Hi Sius,
    Oh I do hope Peter can get better to be with you. Will you be going back to condo tonight? And such a great thing about the donor….sounds as if he must be Canadian and a great person. Your kids are great.

  2. That is such a great thing for the donor to do. I’m sure he would love to know how much his donation means to you, your family, and friends. I hope Peter can beat this cough and be where he wants to be – right there with you! When does the transplant take place tomorrow? All our healing thoughts are with you. Love, Carolyn and Tom

  3. Thanks for sharing, all the best! Stay strong, cry when needed, and tell Pete to wear a face mask as they do in Japan!….kidding! All the best, Mary

  4. Thinking about you tonight Sus. We all are. Lots of healing vibes are being sent your way to help you through this….

    Lots of love.

  5. Hi Sus and Pete,
    We send healing, warm, sunshine filled, relaxed and open energy your way. I dreamt about you the other night Sus.

    Lots of Love from Kerryn, Robert, Scarlett and Clarke

  6. Wow, people are golden, aren’t they? And inner strength is born out of need – you are a powerful woman… best of luck getting through the roller coaster. Hugs from afar, Ilana
    PS. I’ll have to send you a video I took of 2 of my kiddos going off on a word study detective inquiry!! Hilarious, astounding, amazing… gratifying! All from the word Cool…

  7. Incredible story about the donor. Good people in this world!

    Thinking about you, Sus! Love to you! You are amazing.

    And sending get well vibes to Pete —> —> —>

  8. Hi Sus, I love that you are blogging to keep people posted and that you shared that wonderful donor story. What a great way to begin! Chris

  9. Sus,
    Hi from Amman. Thanks to Pete for sending the mass mailing. We’ve been thinking about you a lot. It brings us back to 7 years years ago, and the huge relief when you responded to the treatments……. seems such a long time ago, when all the kids were so much smaller. The note from your donor– what a lovely part to your story. Stay positive. You are in our hearts,
    Lisa and Steve

  10. Thinking of you Sus! Just read Pete’s email too. Your story is so inspiring. All signs are pointing to a wonderful new beginning for you. Sending you lots of positive energy everyday and please know that when you weaken there are a lot of people around you that will give you all the strength and love they have to help you through this challenge. Wishing you a speedy recovery and thanks so much for sharing your journey. Hugs, Angie

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