One Hurdle Overcome!

For those included within our wide net of contacts, this will not be news, but for other readers, I can tell you that we have found a place to stay in Ottawa during the treatment! On Tuesday we arranged to visit a place from a tip we got through emails and phone calls, and that night a last minute tip came in, so we had two places to compare on Wednesday. We went to the second one first, and were blown away at how perfect it was: an older couple about to go to Florida for a few months, wanting to help someone out. She had had surgery away from home last year so knew that kind of situation we were in. It is a condo on the 9th floor, southfacing, loads of windows and sunshine, fabulous views, all conveniences, underground parking, security, pool and gym… and less than 15 minutes from the hospital! We agreed on a price, grateful that it was less than we would have had to pay at the other places, and certainly much less than the ones we saw online. Once we settle in I will send pictures, it is that nice! The other place we saw that day would have worked, but the vibes and energy of the condo were so positive, I felt like this would be a good place to heal.

My parents are coming up from Mexico next week and will take me to Ottawa for my meeting with the oncologist. We will be able to go to the condo the night before and bring a few things to make it “home”.  They’ll be with me for a few days while I go through the initial chemo. This will allow Pete to be with the kids a little longer so they don’t find the transition too stressful having both parents away. At some point Pete’s mom will take over and then Pete will come up to Ottawa. All is sort of up in the air, but it’ll come together eventually!

In other news, I have been able to contact a couple of BMT Ottawa survivors, and the first one sent me a very positive and hopeful account that really helps.  I know I shouldn’t expect something as easy as that, but it means that it is possible.  Now I am at the stage where all I want to do is get on with this thing. Every day that passes brings me closer to getting it started. As Pete pointed out, it is also a step to getting to the other side of the bridge, recovery! Every night I mentally prepare my body to accept the donor cells. My cells have a imaginary welcome party!

Today Jess made another observation that made us laugh. Earlier she noticed that I had prepared a meal with foods we normally would never have in the house. Today I brought home a bucket of KFC (if I explained why, I would sound defensive… so I won’t!). That, she said, plus Pete playing video games (that Skyler got for Christmas) makes us seem “different”.  In a good way. I have to admit, I am being much less food conscious lately, drinking more coffee, eating more Smartfood, succumbing to cravings for O’Henry and Snickers.

Trying not to make every moment a “momentous” one has become normal now. It does not mean I appreciate things less, just that I hinge less drama to them.  I have had to do some preparations, (one was to update a private file I was keeping safe at Megaupload— oops!) but other than that, I feel like the expectation of finishing that book, painting that wall, completing that mosaic is something I can have for the near future. What a great credo for procrastinators!

In other news:  Around 8:30pm there was a flash of light that I first thought  might have been a power surge on a hydro line outside. Then came the rumbling. Unmistakable, yet inexplicable this time of year. When I went to look outside I could see nothing– no lights across the street, no lights of the Kingston skyline… power outage? I ducked my head out the doorway upstairs on the deck and realized the reason I could see no lights is because of heavy fog! Then the lightning came again, and thunder, and I was pelted with icy precipitation. It came closer, then dissipated. This, after a snow squall warning, and the day before freezing rain and heavy winds up to 100kph!  This means one needs to not only dodge broken limbs but also swaths of snow covered ice (I fell twice today– good thing snow offers a soft landing!)


4 thoughts on “One Hurdle Overcome!

  1. Keeping up with you here, Sus, and just wanted to let you all know that. Glad you’ve found a place in Ottawa, and that the family life stays mostly normal for now. Thinking of you all and sending light and hope your way.

  2. So happy to hear you have a lovely place to stay in Ottawa! Lots of sunshine sounds fabulous. Maybe you could pick up an exciting plant…??

    KFC, Oh Henry’s and Snickers bars??!!! Sounds like heaven to me!!!

    *mouth watering*

    Go Sus! xoxo

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